April 12th, 2019 - Spring Grounding Meditation


April 6th, 2019 - Spring Equinox Guided Meditation

Artwork by Abacus Corvus

Artwork by Abacus Corvus

March 3rd, 2019 - Sacred Pause Grounding Meditation


April 30th, 2018 - Holding Space for Big Feelings

Did you all feel some big feelings over the last few days during the Scorpio Full Moon? I know I did.

How can we honor the intelligence of our emotions and learn valuable wisdom from them?

Nurturing our emotional being with Loving Presence.

Holding Space for big feelings can be extremely intimidating.  

So intimidating that we can spend a lifetime avoiding looking inward.

The practice of offering non-judgmental presence to our inner experience and emotional body can help us to rewire our relationship with self and reintegrate fragmented parts that were exiled long ago. When we give ourselves enough time and space to communicate with our feelings, the intelligence and wisdom of the inner body has an access point to share potent information with us.

This guided meditation has seven steps.

1. Arrive:  Notice your breath, notice your body.

2. Ground:  Drop your attention down lower into the body with each breath. 

3. Cultivate the Nest: Offer a feeling of nurturing, wide, spaciousness to the inner body and welcome all of your parts here.

4. Rest back into the Inner Witness/Wakeful Presence: Relax your attention back behind your thoughts, feelings and sensations - to a background awareness of patient, kind, interested presence.

5. Make contact with one feeling: Offer your inner-witness-presence to the feeling, notice where is is living in your body and what sensations are there, observing as much detail as possible.  Begin looking at it from all angles, offering infinite spaciousness around it and patient, kind attention.  

6. Offer the Mantra and Inquire: Let the feeling know that you are here and you are listening, repeating this over and over again until you feel a deeper connection made.  Ask: What can I do for you? Repeat this question as many times as you would like, alternating with "I'm here and I'm listening" Mantra.

7. Offer Gratitude: No matter what showed up for you in this dialogue, take a moment to offer gratitude to yourself for taking the time to listen in and offer presence to your inner being and set an aspiration to continue this practice.   Close the practice with an inner hug or bowing the intelligence of your mind to the intelligence of your heart and body.  Follow the practice with journaling about your experience.